Years ago, the production was done nearby… The playlist was done in the room next door… the rack room was even closer and there were 12 people per channel.

Today there are hundreds of channels, the material comes from everywhere, the audience is global and there is one operator.

Drillarium is the automated playout for a massive number of channels.
Several channels, many more, or as the channel count grows, they can all be controlled. Large scale no more a problem.

Video servers here, there, in the cloud or wherever with the signal sent to all platforms.

Drillarium is not just about playout, it checks and monitors the associated workflows to guarantee an untroubled emission.

Operators know where files are and which files are not where they should be. They know which device has redundancy and which one has not. They see the problems well in advance to manage them before harm the channel.

Drillarium: take control