RTL AdAlliance and The Trade Desk Expand Programmatic TV Buying in Europe

RTL AdAlliance, the international total media sales house of RTL, and global advertising technology leader The Trade Desk are partnering to enhance the programmatic buying infrastructure for linear TV advertising in Europe. This collaboration aims to enable programmatic buying of addressable TV spot replacements and in-programme L-shape ads within linear broadcast TV across Germany, Spain, France, and Austria, as well as expanding reach in connected TV streaming environments.

Reaching 30 Million European Households

Through this partnership, international advertisers gain access to over 30 million unique households on major European TV channels from RTL AdAlliance’s addressable TV inventory. This includes channels such as RTL Deutschland, Atresmedia in Spain, and M6 in France.

Announcement at Cannes Lions Festival

Tim Sims, Chief Revenue Officer at The Trade Desk, Stéphane Coruble, CEO at RTL AdAlliance, and Dr Oliver Vesper, Deputy CEO and Chief Digital Officer at RTL AdAlliance, will reveal further details of their plans for this partnership at the RTL Beach at Cannes Lions on Tuesday, June 20th, 2023.

Driving Change in TV Advertising

The Trade Desk believes in a future where all TV advertising is data-driven and addressable. While consumer behavior is shifting toward streaming TV content, there is still an opportunity to make linear TV addressable. The partnership with RTL AdAlliance allows advertisers to purchase addressable TV inventory, including connected TV (CTV), across Europe. This collaboration aims to open up more opportunities for everyone involved as the TV marketplace continues to evolve.

Aims of the Partnership

Dr Oliver Vesper highlights that this partnership is an important step towards a more integrated European TV advertising ecosystem that meets the needs of advertisers while allowing broadcasters to maintain control of their data. Despite the rise of streaming services, broadcast TV remains a cornerstone of the European media landscape, with nearly 70% of Europeans watching linear broadcast TV daily, according to research conducted by RTL AdAlliance (The New Life of the Living Room). European viewers spend over 50% more time watching broadcast TV than their US counterparts. Over the past two years, the partners have successfully established a programmatic Advertising-Funded Video on Demand and Broadcaster Video on Demand marketplace. With support from The Trade Desk, they aim to transform broadcast TV advertising from a one-to-many marketing environment to a one-to-one approach.

Para más información: advanced-television.com