Hecosol is a company specialized in the elimination of pathogens on all types of surfaces, based on state-of-the-art German technology.

The proven efficacy of TiTANO® has allowed us to become leaders in the sector.

At a time when providing a safe environment is essential for any activity, our products applied by a team of professionals help to reduce the germ load on any surfaces, minimizing the risk of infection.

Our products are specifically designed to eliminate all types of viruses, such as Coronavirus, Norovirus, and multi-resistant bacteria such as Listeria and E.coli.

With our technology we have developed two products: TiTANO® and TiOMUOULD®, specifically designed to eliminate all types of pathogens on surfaces such as coronavirus, norovirus, listeria,y e coli.

Our electro-spray process is safe, fast and simple, and its active 24 h/day for a period of up to one year (depending on the use of the surface and the cleaning process).

Our services can be used by any sector, such as health, education, industry or street stores.
No matter what your activity is, we keep your surfaces free of any threat.

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