Have you ever felt that you were being punished for someone else’s bad behavior? It happens in the grown-up world every day… in your insurance plan to be specific.

One employer’s group has terrible claims risk, and your renewal goes up as a result.

Acec Life Health Trust has taken major steps toward correcting this by building a plan that capitalizes on a population that’s statistically healthier than the rest of America.

That’s right! Engineers have lower claims on average than most other industries across the country!.

Now the Acec Life Health Trust is taking it a major step further. We want to create irrefutable the healthiest industry in America, so the accountable health improvement plan is born. For short, we call it a hip. So how does it work? The plan provides three critical elements:

1) We have a way to identify those most at risk rather than focusing on those who are already healthy.
2) We have QBs style case studies of programs to directly impact the health and lives of that portion of the population.
3) We measure the outcomes using a state-of-the-art platform to prove the results for firms willing to participate.

Your premiums will be even lower than those of the Acec Life Health Trust…